Перша конференція про комунікації в ІТ

Luxoft — вакансии

  • Outsource
  • >5000
  • 2005
  • Київ, Дніпро, Одеса, Sydney, Sofia, Toronto, Berlin, Munich, Bengaluru, Turin, Lisbon, Bucharest, Belgrade, Singapore, Barcelona, Gdansk, Krakow, Warszawa, Wroclaw, London, Los Angeles, New York
  • Automotive, Banking, Blockchain / Crypto, Business Automation, Business Process Management (BPM), Cross-Industry Solution, E-commerce / Marketplace, Energy, FinTech, Healthcare / MedTech / LifeScience, Hospitality, Industry / Manufacturing, Insurance, Logistic, Machine Learning / Big Data, Media / Entertaiment, Retail, Software Development & Hi-Tech, Telecom / Communications, Travel / Tourism

Актуальные вакансии компании

Опыт от 5 лет Senior, Lead Full-time Upper-Intermediate / B2 Есть тестовое задание Remote
  • Java
  • Apache Spark
  • CI/CD
  • Linux
  • Hadoop
  • Python

Project description

A next-generation cross-asset data management platform to provide globally consistent data and innovative tools to support business strategy for trade/sales clients that is built on big data architecture, highly scalable, and cloud-ready. The platform enables industry-leading analytics, client reporting, regulatory compliance, surveillance, supervisory reporting, and data science solutions (data flame). The project tech stack: Java, Scala, Spring, SQL, Kafka, Hadoop.

We are looking for a strong Senior Java Developer capable of being able to work within the team, being a mentor for team members, communicating with stakeholders, and being accountable for the whole team and the outcomes of activities that are assigned.

The role of the Tech Lead involves working with strong development teams (2 Senior Java Developers, 2 Regular Java Developers), the opportunity to work with big data improving knowledge in this domain utilizing the resources of an international bank.


  • Build frameworks for ingesting/modeling complex data;
  • Develop Low-latency caching to service the Front Office;
  • Integration with various external data sources (Storm, JDBC, KDB+, WebSockets, REST services, flat files).

Must have skills

  • At least 5 years of experience in backend software development;
  • Strong Knowledge of Java programming languages;
  • Apache Spark;
  • Should be familiar with algorithms and design patterns;
  • Understanding of distributed systems;
  • Understanding of CI/CD workflow;
  • Familiarity with Linux environment including scripting skills.

Nice to have

  • In-memory databases
  • Hadoop Ecosystem (HDFS, Impala, HIVE, HBASE, etc.)
  • Financial background
  • 1+ years of Machine Learning experience in either Java or Python
Опыт не имеет значения Senior Full-time Upper-Intermediate / B2 Есть тестовое задание Office Одеса
  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • AOSP
  • MVVM
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Android CarLib
  • Android.bp
  • AIDL

Project description

Luxoft is building up a new special purpose organization targeted at developing In-Vehicle Infotainment systems for the age of autonomously driving vehicles. How do people in cars spend their time? How do they interact with information and how do they best utilize the cars infrastructure in a future? How to surpass all the benchmarks in automotive SW development. We believe that Software is the driving force to enable and differentiate in future environments. To achieve outstanding user experience, we want to apply the best of open source in the way that open source communities are meant to work, we focus on living continuous integration up to its most modern concepts including continuous delivery right into the vehicle. Our project setup and way of working follows agile principles scaled to global team.


  • As a native Android Developer, you will be able to extend your expertise in Mobile and Android Automotive OS domains!
  • You would need to research and develop robust and reusable solutions for native Android Applications & AOSP Framework.
  • To participate in development of B2B product for Automotive market from scratch.
  • To implement Android native apps, modify AOSP, its components, their documentation, API design.
  • To work in a team with engineers, testers, document writers and others.

Must have skills

  • Android Studio Kotlin
  • applications Android SDK AOSP modification and configuration MVVM development Linux terminal/commands user
  • beginner Android Service
  • Bonus Skills/Technologies:
    • Java AOSP Framework HILT Android RRO Design Patterns UML Custom View Android Theme/Style

Nice to have

  • Android CarLib
  • Android.bp
  • AIDL
  • Experience & knowledge of Android Automotive
  • Experience on Automotive Infotainment systems
  • Full Stack Android Framework Developer
Опыт не имеет значения Senior Full-time Upper-Intermediate / B2 Есть тестовое задание Remote
  • TCP
  • HTTP
  • WebSocket
  • REST
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Redux
  • Linux
  • Glue42
  • AWS
  • EC2
  • Amazon S3
  • RDS
  • Electron
  • OpenFin

Project description

Building a trading platform for innovative international top-tier hedge fund from the ground up, comprising of front-office system for traders, pre-trade checks and analysis, intra-day positions management, order management and routing, risks and limits management, reports of trading activities, FIX connectivity, market data providers connectivity (e.g. Bloomberg B-pipe).


  • Design and develop modern user interface for front-office trading applications

Must have skills

  • Proven ability to deliver excellent User Experiences (UX) and responsive User Interfaces (UI). Able to speak knowledgeably about UX design.
  • Solid understanding of the internals of Web protocols: TCP, HTTP, Websockets, REST.
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and functional programming.
  • Experience with Node.js.
  • Demonstrable expertise in React, Redux, and JS-related dependency and build tools (deep experience with comparable frameworks may be considered).
  • A fundamental understanding of core technical components that comprise data stores, middleware, APIs, and web applications.
  • Working knowledge of Linux. BS
  • Glue42 platform

Nice to have

  • Experience with Amazon AWS EC2/S3/RDS.
  • Front-office trading system development experience.
  • Experience with Electron/OpenFin.
Опыт не имеет значения Senior, Lead Full-time Intermediate / B1 Есть тестовое задание Релокейт Remote
  • .NET
  • Angular
  • Azure DevOps
  • CI/CD
  • Docker
  • Helm
  • NHibernate
  • Microservices

About the project:

We are an agile-oriented team working on one of the core systems that automate our corporate contract management business processes.
We are looking for an experienced Lead Software Developer with a deep knowledge of architectural approaches for software design and implementation.


  • Be part of an agile development team
  • Take part in microservices architecture implementation
  • Take part in architecture and system design reviews
  • Understand the concept of Clean Architecture and DDD
  • Be able to conduct code reviews
  • Have experience in .NET6 tech stack
  • Be able to write maintainable code

Must have skills

  • NET7
  • DDD
  • Clean Architecture
  • Angular16
  • MS SQL

Nice to have

  • Advanced English
  • Azure services
  • Azure DevOps (CI-CD, Docker, HELM)
  • NHibernate
  • Microservices architecture
Опыт от 2 лет Senior Full-time Pre-Intermediate / A2-B1 Есть тестовое задание Remote
  • Scrum
  • Agile
  • TestRail
  • Confluence
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Jira
  • Azure DevOps
  • JSON
  • XML
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Oracle SQL
  • PostgreSQl
  • MySQL
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Camunda
  • Git
  • SVN
  • SoapUI
  • Postman
  • PuTTY
  • Bitbucket
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Java

Про проєкт

Провідна міжнародна ІТ-компанія шукає тестувальника на проекти, пов'язані із кредитуванням фізичних осіб до провідного банку України. Ми пропонуємо цікаві та масштабні проекти, що базуються на сучасних технологіях, роботу в складі високопрофесійного колективу.


  • Забезпечення необхідного рівня якості ПЗ
  • Планування процесу тестування
  • Дизайн сценаріїв тестування
  • Виконання всіх видів тестування ПЗ, необхідних у проект
  • Управління дефектами у проекті
  • Взаємодія з усіма учасниками розробки ПЗ у процесі тестування
  • Підтримка приймального тестування
  • Розробка тестової документації та надання звітності з тестуванн
  • Постановка завдань на автоматизацію тестування
  • Підтримка процесу автоматизації тестування

Вимоги до кандидата:

  • Освіта вища
  • Досвід роботи на аналогічній посаді: від 2 років
  • Досвід роботи в Банку або ІТ-компанії
  • Знання банківських продуктів та процесів.

Професійні знання та навички:

  • Знання стандартів та методологій розробки ПЗ (WF, Scrum/Agile)
  • Знання теорії тестування ПЗ та володіння навичками управління процесом тестування ПЗ в рамках проекту
  • Досвід роботи з вимогами (бізнес-вимоги, технічна специфікація)
  • Досвід написання тестової документації: планів, методик, звітів, сценаріїв
  • Впевнене володіння інструментарієм для ведення тестової документації (TestRail, Confluence, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Досвід роботи у трекінгових системах (Jira, MS TFS)
  • Досвід управління дефектами ПЗ у проекті
  • Досвід мануального тестування баз даних, деск-топ/веб-додатків, веб-сервісів, API
  • Знання принципів роботи реляційних СУБД
  • Знання принципів роботи веб-застосунків (JSON, XML, CSS, HTML)
  • Знання Unix подібних систем на рівні роботи в консолі
  • Розуміння Client-server та Microservices архітектури
  • Досвід роботи з WSO2 ESB, WSO2 EI, WSO2 MI, Tomcat, Camunda
  • Досвід роботи з Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL
  • Досвід роботи із системами контролю версій Git, SVN
  • Володіння інструментарієм: Soap UI, Postman, Putty, Bitbucket,
  • Володіння (вміння писати/читати): PL SQL, Java/Groovy (beginner)

Персональні якості:

  • готовність швидко вчитися (зокрема самостійно)
  • вміння працювати в команді, проактивність


  • знання банківського домену (процеси, продукти, технології)
  • Знання специфічних банківських програм та систем
  • АБС Б2, IsCard, Siebel CRM
  • Досвід роботи у фінансовій/банківській сфері
  • Рівень англійської: pre-intermediate
Опыт от 5 лет Senior Full-time Upper-Intermediate / B2 Есть тестовое задание Remote
  • Java
  • Python
  • Apache Spark
  • Hive
  • SQL
  • Unix
  • Hadoop
  • Impala
  • Yarn
  • Talend
  • Hue
  • Apache NiFi
  • Apache Airflow
  • Spring
  • Maven
  • Git
  • uDeploy

Project description

During the 2008 financial crisis, many big banks failed or faced issues due to liquidity issues. Lack of liquidity can kill any financial institution over the night. That's why it's so critical to constantly monitor liquidity risks and properly maintain collaterals.
We are looking for a number of talented developers, who would like to join our team in Pune, which is building liquidity risk and collateral management platform for one of the biggest investment banks over the globe. The platform is a set of front-end tools and back-end engines. Our platform helps the bank to increase efficiency and scalability, reduce operational risk and eliminate the majority of manual interventions in processing margin calls.


  • The candidate will work on development of new functionality for Liqudity Risk platform closely with other teams over the globe.

Must have

  • BigData experience (6 years+);
  • Java/python J2EE, Spark, Hive;
  • SQL Databases; UNIX Shell;
  • Strong Experience in Apache Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Impala, Yarn, Talend, Hue;
  • Big Data Reporting, Querying and analysis.

Nice to have

  • Spark Calculators based on business logic/rules
  • Basic performance tuning and troubleshooting knowledge
  • Experience with all aspects of the SDLC
  • Experience with complex deployment infrastructures
  • Knowledge in software architecture, design and testing
  • Data flow automation (Apache NiFi, Airflow etc)
  • Understanding of difference between OOP and Functional design approach
  • Understanding of an event driven architecture
  • Spring, Maven, GIT, uDeploy;
Опыт от 5 лет Senior Full-time Upper-Intermediate / B2 Есть тестовое задание Remote
  • Java
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQl
  • Git
  • Kafka
  • Linux
  • Gradle
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring WebFlux

Our client is a leading global Financial markets data provider runs a number of change programs to deliver of high-quality software that connects Financial Markets across the glob in a real-time, high frequency and low-latency data management chain. The projects are technically challenging in an environment that is very engaging. We are looking for developers to join the team that works on development & maintenance of the administrative component for Aggregation Engine Services. Workspaces - is a WebUI workflow solution to access news, financial data, and productivity tools. Workspaces RA allow trader to access Aggregator application functionality using browser. Aggregator allows to trade assets - FX pairs, metals - at the best prices ising selected strategy by aggregating trading venues in a single platform. Objective - to provide services for Frontend integration, adopt existing monolithic architecture application, integrate with new venues. Application code is mainly Java. Performance analysis and tuning is done with Python. Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL.


  • Candidate in this position will perform all the software development activities, not only code writing. E.g.: helping with testing, attending release calls, and helping with Production readiness.
  • Develop high-quality software, design, and functional documentation
  • Provide estimates for specific software feature implementation
  • Identify, prioritize and execute tasks in the software development life cycle
  • Build unit tests for your code
  • Ability to lead technical discussions with DevLead/Architect
  • Design proposal for app architecture
  • Business discussions with Product Owner/Business Analyst
  • Solution implementation
  • Provide code review
  • Env/app support tasks to enforce DevOps team.

Must have Skills

  • Proven extensive experience as a Software Engineer, Strong 5+ years
  • Understanding of distributed architectures, component-based architectures Strong
  • Java 11 and higher medium/strong 4+ years
  • Multithreading, concurrency theoretical understanding and readiness to work in low-latency application
  • Git Strong
  • Kafka Strong
  • Websocket Strong
  • Messaging (JMS, MQ) Medium
  • Springboot 2.0 Medium
  • Reactor API Medium
  • Spring WebFlux Medium
  • Message Streams/Middleware any of TCP-Netty
  • Gradle Medium
  • Linux Medium
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Experience working in a multicultural environment
  • Good analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Result-oriented and proactive mindset.

Nice to have

  • SQL, PostgreSQL/Oracle, Redis
  • Spring Cloud
  • JMeter
  • JMH
  • Groovy
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, Azure ADX (Kusto)
  • Prometheus, Grafana
  • Vue/React/Angular
  • Willingness to provide low latency solutions.

Преимущества для сотрудников Luxoft

  • Relocation assistance
  • Team buildings
  • Багатонаціональна команда
  • Велика стабільна компанія
  • Освітні програми, курси

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